Synthetic Movement




We know each other for so long

Travelled the world and returned home

We had no sorrows in these days

One day you turned around and left

My world broke down, it took my breath

These memories will never leave.....they'll never leave


I know we'll never meet again

So come with me and take my hand

Just let me guide you for today

This is the time of ignorance

So don't look back, it makes no sense

Now all the love just drifts away


Then I went out into a bar

I saw a girl she looked like you

Everything seemed to disappear

I introduced myself to her

She looked at me and turned around

Don't do those things to me my dear


Last night I saw you in my dreams

You were asleep right next to me

It didn't hurt, there was no fear





All I want you to say is nothing

All I want you to do is nothing

All I want you to hear is nothing

All I want you to feel is nothing


You’re telling me that you love me

But that’s just a lie

Mesmerized by your cruelty

While you burn my eyes

Crucified on your body

I can feel your thorns

Bleeding out, it’s so ugly

Surrender with no doubt


All I want you to see is nothing

All I want you to ask is nothing

All I want you to be is nothing

All that you mean to me is nothing


She’s my queen at night

She pulls my hands so tight

She’s gonna let me in

She’s gonna make me sin





My loneliness is killing me

I'm waiting for you can't you see

I see your face in front of me

I'm falling down right on my knees


This is the way that I should go

Where will I be then, I don't know

All I see is just a glow

Now I know I need you so


You are searching for a sign

Why your heart is out of line

You are searching for the truth

There’s nothing left but me and you


Can’t you see this is the end

Close your eyes and hold my hand

Just believe me it’s so true

This world is made for me and you


I fall into this endless dream

I loose my pride my self esteem

I'm not here not there I'm in between

Can't hear your voice, stuck in this scene


My loneliness is killing me

I'm waiting for you can't you see

I see your face in front of me

Nobody knows what will be


Losing Myself


I'm walking around

and all see is her

She is the one

the woman I prefer

It's taking my mind

the moment she is near

Finally I'm breaking inside

The time to disappear


I'm losing myself

for the last time

Try to find out

what it's like

I'm losing myself

for the last time

Hope that you will

be mine


I'm losing myself

for the last time

Try to find out

what it's like

And I try to be not scared

for the last time

Open my eyes

all the time


Now I regret

the things that I have done

Everything that I've said

just make me wanna run

They say it's absurd

that she could love a creep

Don't wanna hear a word

don't wanna fall too deep



In My World


Find your way in this cruel world

Make it save and don't look back

You can feel it's time to change

Although your lost you still go on

There's no time to suffer

It may be the last day here on earth


If you want to be

In my world

Just believe

And spread my word

I’ve come to see

Through your eyes

Find the curse

Of all your lies


Feeling numb and incomplete

This is more than you can take

No one came to see you cry

Just breathe in and make believe

You can reach up higher

Cause I will guide you through the day



We’ll Be Alone


What if we could reach the darkside

What if we could leave reality

Would you like to be the lonely

Would you except your destiny

This is the time to lose your

To lose your doubts and your regrets

...and all your suffer


Some say that we are different

Some say we don't belong here

...and I agree


With every breathe we take

Our life is fading

All the mistakes we made

Just let us grow together


We could go through the fire

We could do anything at all

Just leave this place behind us

And write these letters on the wall


A place where we can be free

A place that we will call our home

Where we will stay and don’t care

About the time we’ll be alone the end we'll be alone


Ready for some inspiration

Ready for the new world, take my hand

...and you will understand

Don’t worry, don't you fear now

We’re strong and side by side we stand a foreign land





Now it's up to me

Break the rules of reality

Again and again I'm losing my mind

Eyerything I see is so confusing

I'm a slave, not save and I'm falling down


So it's up to me

To keep up the sanity

Again and again I'm losing control

At the end of the day it's all so clear

I'm insane in the brain but it doesn't hurt


The world is for the brave

But instead your are the slave

They try to make you feel save

That's why you're calm and behave

Every day is just the same

But there is no one else to blame

Now you feel nothing but shame

You can't stand all this pain


Now I can see

They just try to lie to me

Again and again they're making me sick

Nobody's there to hear you cry

So just raise your fist let it be your guide



Break The Chains


I’ve let you down so I can move on

Cause I can’t stand the way you are

Don’t wanna lose my face for no one

This is my chance to be apart


Now you’re the worst thing in my life

And I don’t need this anymore

I’ve gotta tell you this before I die


Cause you’re the worst thing in my life

And I can’t stand you anymore

It doesn’t matter what I try

(It’s not getting better)


Each day you celebrate the violence

Tell me who do you think you are

All I want is to live in silence

Why did I let you get so far


Let It Go


I woke up just for today

And it started so confused

Too many sorrows in my way

I've gotta let it go


I don't know how to make my way

And I don't really care at all

I guess that this is just the day

I've gotta let it go


This is the time to get away from me

Cause you don't want to see the things I see

Now all the people look the same to me

Just turn around and try to set me free


I feel bad and incomplete

So don't you dare to follow me

Now you should stand on your two feed

And try to let it go


Look in these eyes, what do you see

Is this the future, are you sure

Don't hesitate and this will be

The way to let it go



So High


Someone is left here in the rain

Someone is calling out your name

These eyes are tired and ashamed

These eyes will burn out in your flames


So I let you be my destiny

Forget the time and what should be

There is no future I believe

There's only you and me


And I can't live without my pride

Can't stand the things that I

Have tried and failed in my life

And I didn't criticize

So I arranged me with a lie

And time kept passing by

Then I got so high

The last thing that I tried


So every day I wanted more

Sweet dreams that I was longing for

My mind was breaking, I ignored

I guess that I was bored


Yeah I was left here in the rain

And I was calling out your name

My eyes were tired and ashamed

My eyes just burned out in your flames


Your Destiny


Moving into dark clouds

And I feel this is the time to run

I can't close my eyes

Cause I am scared, I'm waiting for the sun

Someone's calling me

Try to ignore it but it's all around

Fear is paralysing

I can't move, I'm lying on the ground


Come on follow me

And I’ll show you all the places you can go

I will make you see

That there's so much more than all the things you know

Give yourself to me

It's your fate and there is nothing you can do

Life's your destiny

Don't regret just make believe that you will grow


I have lost control

And I can't hide my panic deep inside

Try to find a hole

Where I can fall into and lose my pride

Now I live in darkness

I can use it just to look behind

But the voice is still calling

And it hurts, it's taking my mind